Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Doctor In The TARDIS Podcast #1

Hello all!

Ok, so our very first podcast has been recorded and uploaded for you to listen to. We had hoped to have it out to you much earlier today, but editing and hosting took a lot longer than anticipated. We were also going to be bringing it to you via YouTube, but we all ended up talking so much that the file wouldnt fit!

It was our first go and we are learning as we go along so it isnt a perfectly polished piece (so please be easy on us), but please stick with us and keep coming back and listening as we feel our way along because we will be bringing you so much more (with some extra confidence and minus some of the nerves) in later podcasts.

A big, big thank you to Chris, Christine and Mandy for contributing their time and opinions, and we all really hope you enjoy. Now go grab yourself a drink, open up a game of Solitaire and listen to us talk about Doctor Who.


  1. Well I thought you all did a wonderful job. For a first effort especially. You were easy to listen to, you had fun, you covered current topics and you put forward great arguments all with both humor and seriousness. I shall definately look out for number 2.

  2. Good first effort. Christine could have talked a little less, though.

  3. is there a download link for this at all? my browser doesn't like streaming things...

  4. Yep, there is a download link on the forum :),1359.0/msg,28340.html

  5. @HSOMGF are you serious? She didnt speak any more than anyone else, and what she was saying was relevent. What a silly thing to pick bones over