Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Episode 11 News and Title Confirmed

Last week when the new DWM cover was released with a caption at the top saying 'Discover the terrors of The God Complex' it sent fans into overdrive that we may now have a title for an episode.

If you subscribe to DWM and are lucky enough to get your copy a day early, then today you will have opened it to find out that 'The God Complex' is indeed a title. Of episode 11. They have also stated that episode 7 will either be called 'His Darkest Hour' or 'A Good Man Goes To War'.

Little is known about episode 11 at present but the magazine does reveal that it will be written by Toby Whitehouse and directed by Nick Hurran. We also know that it will feature David Walliams in the role of Gibbis.

Reports around the net have said that Walliams character will have the features of a mole and be from another planet, but other than Walliams himself stating that he is playing an alien, we have no other confirmation of this.

So far, other titles that have been anounced are Gangers and The Rebel Flesh. Demons Run has also been speculated. Previous speculative titles that have since been denied officially are The House Of Nothing and What Are Little Boys Made Of?

DWM has promised more news and previews in the next issue.

NB: The picture is NOT from episode 11.

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