Thursday, 10 March 2011

"The Geography Keeps Changing"

This months DWM features a whole interview with Toby Whitehouse, writer of episode 11 of series six, 'The God Complex', and as a little teaser to all the fans, their facebook page has been updated to include a brief snippet from the interview which gives a little teaser to the plot....
"Steven Moffat said 'The Doctor and Amy are trapped in a hotel and the geography keeps shifting.' I said, 'Oh yeah?' He said, 'No, that’s literally as far as we've got.'" Toby explains. "So that was the starting point. That one line. A lot of the ideas just fell into place..."
Not a lot to give away, but just enough to get minds racing and the speculators speculating.

As far as themes go, Series 6 seems to have a lot of characters getting lost, trapped or seperated in several episodes, with rumours of Amy and Rory being lost in the halls of the TARDIS, Amy being lost at an orphanage, the whole team being trapped in a giant dollhouse and River and Rory having to find their way around the mysterious 'Logder' TARDIS. What could it all mean?

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