Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Podcast Is Coming And We Need Your Help

The Doctor In The TARDIS is very excited to tell you that from this Sunday we will be launching our very own transatlantic Doctor Who podcast.

The Podcast will launch as part of our campaign to keep growing and bringing news from the Whoniverse to even more people around the world in various formats.

The Podcast panel is made up of moderators on the forum from both the UK and United States who will get together online to record each broadcast in an effort to bring a balanced and well rounded view on all the latest news, gossip, spoilers and headlines from Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Our first podcast will focus on the 'Time' & 'Space' Comic Relief mini episodes as well as bringing in discussions and debates on a multitude of other subjects. The core team will alternate between podcasts in order to keep the dynamic fresh and appealing and also to provide different viewpoints for the topics under discussion.

As the series goes on we will be introducing other regular features such as bringing in guests to talk about specific subjects and topics of interest, as well as Q&A sessions where you the fans get to put your questions to the team for us to answer.

We really want you to get involved and help make the podcast a huge success, so what we want you to do is record yourselves asking the panel a question, it can be relating to any aspect of DW, and forward it to us for inclusion in the show. Doing this is easy, quick and totally free. To get your question recorded, you can either do it on your computer at home, or you can visit AUDIOBOO and do it there. Once you have recorded your question and are totally happy with it, send it to us via Twitter or on here and the best ones will be used for inclusion in the podcasts. It really is that simple.

We hope that you get involved, and we really hope that you tune in to each podcast and give us your thoughts and ideas. Each podcast will be posted via YouTube to this page and also to the forum and facebook page, so there will be plenty of ways to stay tuned.

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