Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Talk Of Air Dates

Series 6 of Doctor Who is just around the corner, but as of yet we have had no official anouncement about air dates. Speculation is rife amongst fandom and we know from an article in Doctor Who Magazine that we can expect the launch to be sometime in April, but with the powers of deduction we may have it narrowed down.

Last week DWM tweeted that there is a seven week wait until the new series airs. When added up, this would give a launch date of April 23rd. It could be a red herring to throw us off, but it is more likely that DWM were giving us a little clue about when to expect the new series.

It does seem a long way off at the moment, and of course this is speculation rather than solid statement, but with two special segments scheduled for Comic Relief on March 18th, and rumours of a new trailer to follow on the 19th, we will at least be getting some of our Who fix in the meantime.


  1. It seems so far away. I wish it was starting earlier

  2. BBCA just aired a commercial confirming April 23 in the States.