Wednesday, 6 April 2011

30 Tasty Teasers

SFX have compiled 30 spoilery teasers to get your juices flowing in preparation for series 6. Some are not so spoilery, some are silly and some of them sound absolutely brilliant. Check them out below.

  • Neither episode starts as you’d expect  
  • Both episodes open magnificently, especially episode two which is a patented Moffat-montage special
  • The gay agenda is back!  
  • The monsters (whose mere name would be a spoiler) are brilliant, with a truly chilling MO. They should rate up there with the Weeping Angels as one of the new series’ greatest creations. They look great, but it’s the idea behind them that is truly chilling
  • There is an Easter Island gag
  • The Doctor dances… with some unexpected film stars  
  • There are lots of Americans with guns gags
  • There are two fez mentions  
  • It’s very, very dark and spooky at times. Wait till you see the scene in the Whitehouse toilets…  
  • At least three Moffat tropes are put into action again  
  • There is the startling return of a familiar special effect… twice  
  • There is the curious return of a familiar prop  
  • The Utah footage is quite simply stunning, but there’s not as much of it as we’d expected  
  • There are some quite beautiful, cinematic sequences  
  • Rory gets to wear some specs  
  • Amy reveals a secret  
  • The President’s nose dominates any scene it’s in  
  • The special effects are downright magnificent  
  • Matt Smith takes his portrayal of the Doctor up a gear  
  • The Doctor looks very embarrassed at one point  
  • The first time we see the Doctor, he’s naked. Sort of…  
  • The monsters have some important dialogue, so it’s a bit of a shame their voices are not terribly clear at times
  • The first episode is a little talky and surprisingly character-led when you’d expect a barnstorming opening; the second episode kicks off storming that barn and keeps storming it
  • Having said that, the character led-moments are often quite exquisite
  • It’s funny, it’s wildly inventive, it’s fiendishly clever, it’s surprising, it’s audacious, it’s uncompromising and it’s quite unlike anything else on television
  • There’s lots of timey whimey stuff, and not just in terms of the science fiction – more so, we’re referring to some of the storytelling techniques involved, with lots of flashbacks, sudden jumps and montages
  • However, it’s so packed with ideas, you can’t help thinking some important elements are undeveloped. There are enough great concepts here to fuel five or six episodes, which is a good thing in many ways, because it keeps the energy fizzing and the plot surprising, but they do all fight for room a bit. We’d certainly liked to have seen more about the monsters’ background and had the dénouement clarified, among other things
  • You can’t help thinking there are a lot of moments when kids are going to turn to mum and dad go, “Why did that happen?” and mum or dad will go, “Erm… shhhh, I’m concentrating!”  
  • You may suffer from revelation fatigue by the end of it. And a lot of things – perhaps a couple too many – are not wrapped up in the story itself, but are ongoing mysteries to be sorted out later. This show is getting like Lost, designed to be picked over on the internet! Let’s hope it doesn’t take seven years to get some answers
  • The final, final, final scene, though, will ensure you’ll carry on tuning in to find out what happens next… or maybe in the story after next. Or maybe next season…

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