Monday, 18 April 2011

The Doctor In The TARDIS Podcast #3

Episode 3 of the Doctor In The TARDIS Podcast is here. We have a jam packed edition this time around (without spoilers) and it is our longest podcast yet. In fact, we had so much content that the Members Questions had to be moved to the next edition and loads of it had to be trimmed down so you weren't sat listening for days on end.

Coming up this time...
  • The input of fandom on the show
  • Snacking for Doctor Who
  • The impacts of being too spoiled
  • A closer look at Doctor Who Insider (coupled with a moan about Doctor Who Magazine)
  • Murray Gold and the music of series 6
  • A Debate about canon, and
  • How to avoid ending up in an ambulance during the first airing of an episode
Plus a whole heap more. So, without any more waffle from me, check it out by streaming....

Or by downloading it HERE


  1. I'm digging these podcasts. Thanks for allt he hard work, and, in a world awash with DW podcasts, having one with a unique perspective and focus... However, I'm less a fan of having to download each episode manually. Any chance it could be added to iTunes, or have a podcast-specific RSS feed?

  2. I'll look into it and get something sorted :)