Saturday, 23 April 2011

Is It Time For New Companions - Poll Results

For the last four days you have been voting in your hundreds to tell us your thoughts about whether or not it is time for the current companion team to pack up and leave the TARDIS once series 6 comes to a close. This is what you thought:

8% of the people who voted said they disliked both Amy and Rory and would be glad to have them replaced with someone new to travel with the Doctor.

9% of the people who votes said that they would like to see Amy continue travelling with the Doctor, but would like to see Rory leave.

10% however, felt the complete opposite and said they would like to see Rory stick around to travel with the Doctor, and that Amy should leave.

19% of the people who cast a vote said that they loved the current companions, but are now ready to have some new faces on board the TARDIS instead.

But with an overwhelming number of the votes, 54% of everybody who voted said they wanted to see Amy and Rory continue on for at least one more year beyond series 6.

So there we have it. Do you agree with the majority? Let us know below.

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