Saturday, 23 April 2011

Silence Is Falling

Unless you have been living at the far end of the galaxy for the last few months, you can fail to have noticed that DOCTOR WHO IS RETURNING TONIGHT!!!

We can hardly contain our excitement but there is currently only 9 hours left (if you are in the UK. The rest of the world have a tiny bit longer to wait) until The Impossible Astronaut finally launches.

If you love Doctor Who then we want you to come over to the forum once the show has aired, or even before or during, and have your say on The Impossible Astronaut. Whether you loved it or hated it, we want to hear from you.

Our Series 6 section (click here) has been pimped out to include rating polls, discussion topics, spoiler speculation and lots more, with loads of new threads starting daily for you to have your say in. We really want to have you on board and joining in with all the antics from series 6, so get signed up today in plenty of time for the launch. Its completely free and takes less than two minutes to have you registered, then you can discuss tonights, and every other episode with other Doctor Who fans from around the world.

Keep it with THE DOCTOR IN THE TARDIS FORUM for series 6

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