Sunday, 17 April 2011

Is It Time For New Companions? - Vote Now

As one poll ends, another one starts and this week we want to know if you think that it is time to have a change of faces in the TARDIS.

The amount of time the companions have stayed travelling with the Doctor has varied throughout the years, but since the show returned in 2005 we have become more accustomed to a shorter stint from the sidekick. The current companions, Amy and Rory, are entering their second year of travelling with the Doctor but at the end of series 6 will it be time for them to go and for a new face to come aboard?

The poll is over there to the right of the screen and you have until Friday 22nd April to get those votes in.


  1. I love Amy and Rory, but I think they should leave this year. It rejuvenates the show when new companions join the TARDIS crew, part of loving the show is watching it change :)

  2. With companions this awesome, one more year won't hurt. Now, past that would be too much.

  3. i think that this year and next year is a must.
    there is already so much on this year and i dont want them to go and would love them to stay next year and then leave or stay for a final year

  4. I really like both Rory and Amy, but I want to see more non-white people on the show. In the RTD era we had first Mickey and then Martha as regular main characters, and there were ALWAYS a lot of Asian, Black, Indian and other supporting characters, but Series 5 was just so... White. Yes, there have been supporting characters of other ethnicities, most notably Liz 10 and Nasreen Chaudhri, but other than those two it seems that non-White characters (and Black people especially) are the first to die in any story in Moffat's era. Now, I'm not blaming him - so don't crucify me - the casting people have a lot to do with this too, but it really does leave us with a universe that seems to be all 'about' White people. A show that doesn't even look like it's in the same universe with the excellent Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood.

    Just sayin'.

  5. I adore Amy and Rory, but I wonder if they'll have progressed about as much as they can by the end of this year.

    You know who I'd love to see a LOT more of? Nasreen Chaudhri.