Monday, 18 April 2011

K9 Series 1 Volume 2

Another DVD release scheduled for today is K9 Series 1 Volume 2, which yesterday started airing again on Channel 5.
Professor Gryffen, the astute teens Starkey, Jorjie Turner and the trouble making errand boy Darius help to defend the Earth from threats beyond the stars and from the dark places in Time.

The Department have called in a new Inspector Thorne , who has an insane hatred of K9 and his friends and he begins a crusade to destroy them all. The Earth is being watched by Alien menaces that are hatching a master plan that involves K9 and they are playing a deadly game with our hero s memory. This volume takes our intrepid Cybernetic hero and his friends to amongst other locations; back in time to the 1960 s, to a crashed Alien starship in the frozen north of Canada and to a Gladiatorial arena with Cyborg menaces battling for survival.
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  1. no wonder i missed it if its on channel 5 - the tv graveyard. lol. it looks terrible anyway. i think it's the only spin-off i don't care about. lol.

  2. Oh have a heart! :-) It is aimed at kids, and its first season, so at least give it a chance mate! I am a big fan of K9, and I havent watched beyond the first episode which was better than I expected but still a bit of a culture shock as it truly is a kids show (not knocking that, just very different attn spans to keep interested and such). "Our" K9 even makes a very brief cameo in his first scene before "regenerating" into the advanced version that the series follows (obv the Time Lords had set him up with some upgrades!). So I'm going to give the series an honest chance and here's hoping Season 2 will be a hit and also hoping we get to see K9's other model in SJA s5 and would be awesome if he came back for a story with the 11th Doc (should be a rule that all incarnations of the Doc get at least 1 team up with his tin dog!) - maybe BB and the BBC will work out a crossover or two as well!! :-)