Wednesday, 6 April 2011

We Are Mobile

This is a reminder to everyone, old and new, that The Doctor In The TARDIS is mobile compatible. The change was made early last month to make accessing the feed even easier, so if you ever need to check us out while on the move it is now easier than ever.

A lot of our readership use various phone technology to keep up with the site, but the backgrounds, graphics, polls, ads and links often take up much of the room which often makes the news hard to see and can make the whole process a lot slower.

With the new format for mobile phone users, all the non essential stuff is cut away leaving you able to access all the latest updates more quickly, without the fuss of zooming and linking just to read whats new. Every article will be listed on the main page with either a brief breakdown or the opening sentences, which you can then access in one easy click to read the whole thing.

Leaving comments or linking to articles is just as easy as ever and can be done in just one click. It is also now easier to read other peoples comments on any given article that is posted, again all in one easy, fast and simple click.

Of course, if you like the old mobile layout, you can still access it by choosing to view the site in its web format.

I hope this makes viewing the site a lot easier and more enjoyable for all our mobile users.

1 comment:

  1. It doesn't work as a mobile site on my Blackberry =( But it does work as a mobile site on my iPod touch =D