Sunday, 17 April 2011

Which Story Are You Most Excited For? Poll Results

Ok, so you've had days to sit and ponder and put your votes in to let us know which of the 5 upcoming stories you are most looking forward too, and once again you came out in force to make your choices, so without further ado, here is how the voting went down.

Receiving just 3% of the votes and coming in last place is episode 3, The Curse Of The Black Spot. This story will see The Doctor, Amy and Rory aboard a 17th century pirate ship and an ethereal blue sea siren in the form of Lily Cole, but even all that wasn't enough to get you all excited.

Coming only slightly ahead of that is this years second two parter, The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People. Taking place in a monastry full of half finished clones, only 5% of the voters said they were most excited for this story.

Third place on our poll is handed to A Good Man Goes To War. Taking 17% of the vote, the mid series finale will see the reveal of River Songs secret and the return of many old villains, but it still wasn't enough to take the top spot.

Our runner up, with 35% of the total votes in the Neil Gaiman penned episode The Doctor's Wife. The story, rumoured to feature the return of the Time Lords and something not seen since The War Games was in the lead for much of the poll, but was finally beaten by...

The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon, which took the title of Most Anticipated Upcoming Story with 40% of the final votes. The opening two parter will see the TARDIS Team travelling to Utah in the USA, battling the Silents and the MIB and coming face to face with Nixon himself. And for the 40% of you who made this the winner as the story you are most want to see, the great news is that there is now only 6 days left to wait for it.

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