Friday, 6 May 2011

The Impossible Astronaut Storming iPlayer

Despite some media outlets who would have us believe that the sky is falling in on Doctor Who, recent iPlayer statistics have revealed that The Impossible Astronaut is on its way to becoming the most watched programme on the platform ever.

After being available for just 12 days, The Impossible Astronaut has notched up an amazing 1.5million hits. The current most watched show on iPlayer which is The Eleventh Hour had only been seen on the iPlayer 1.27 million times within the same period. TIA now has an overall reach of over ten million viewers and growing.

The Impossible Astronaut has stiff competition from its next episode though because after just 4 days, Day of the Moon has managed to get 1.07million hits and is likely to grow significantly over the next week.

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