Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Doctor Who Series 6 Part 2 Screengrabs

A new BBC trailer has aired promoting Autumn drama, and in amongst the other shows were some clips of Doctor Who, which you can catch a look at HERE. Though some of the scenes were have already been seen, others were new, and below you can see some (admittedly low quality) screengrabs. Click for larger images.

This is taken from the upcoming episode 12, which is as yet untitled and will feature the return of Craig and Sophie, as well as the Cybermats. The
episode will also feature Lynda Baron in a guest role.

It is unknown which episode this still is taken from, but it shows Amy armoured up with a sword and a staff and fighting what looks like the arms of a robot. Just behind Amy, though out of this particular shot, is Rory.

This picture is from the same scene as the first picture, only this time you can see the Doctor. It would appear as though they are kissing, but they aren't, though kissing is mentioned in the scene in the trailer.

This image comes from episode 9, Night Terrors, which has been penned by Mark Gatiss. It shows the Doctor, Rory and Alex (who is played by guest star Daniel Mays) and you can also see the head of one of the living dolls.

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