Monday, 25 July 2011

Episode 10 title revealed

The BBC seem to be spoiling Doctor Who fans at the moment. Yesterday it was not one, but two trailers, & today they are giving us a previously unknown episode title.

They have put together a guide to the rest of Series 6 & in it they have revealed that the title of episode 10 will be ...

The Girl Who Waited

In the past Amy 'Amelia' Pond has been called 'the girl who waited' by the Doctor, so does this mean that episode 10 will be Amy centric? Or, will we possibly see a return of young Amelia? (I do vaguely remember a rumour floating around about that at some point!) Or, is it just a red herring & this particular 'girl who waited' will be someone completely different. Only time will tell!

Most of the rest of the info in the article concerns writers & directors, plus some guest stars, although no-one we didn't already know about. It also includes the synopsis of 'Let's Kill Hitler' that we posted previously HERE

If you want to read the rest of the BBC's Guide to the Rest of the Series visit the official site

So ... what are your thoughts on this new title?

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