Monday, 8 August 2011

Join The Infinite Quest - The Rescue

For this weeks story we go back to the First Doctor and the introduction of Vicki in The Rescue.

The Doctor, Ian and Barbara arrive on the planet Dido where a crashed ship is terrorised by the monster Koquillion, but things are not what they seem...

The Rescue was the third story of Season 2 of Doctor Who. Maureen O'Brien joined the cast as Vicki in this story, making it the first story to have a new companion join since the start of the programme.

This story saw the first use of a prologue, opening not with the main characters, but with Vicki. The Rescue also saw the first use of the word "materialised", in reference to the TARDIS. The Doctor claims that he's been to Dido before. This is the first time he had done this, except for Earth.

It was originally envisaged that Jenny from The Dalek Invasion of Earth should join at the end of that story. However, the actor they envisaged for the part pulled out so the idea was abandoned and a new companion was drafted. Many names were suggested for the new companion such as Valerie, Millie, Tanni and Lukki before Vicki was chosen. Her character was designed to contrast with the responsible figures of Ian and Barbara.

The Rescue had higher viewing figures than any previous serials and it continued to hold this title for many years after. Desperate Measures made the top ten most watched programs list for 1965. This was notable for being higher than the preceding Dalek story.

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