Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Join The Infinite Quest - Delta And The Bannermen

This weeks Infinite Quest story over on the forum is Delta And The Bannermen...

The time: 1959. The place: Shangri-La holiday camp, South Wales. The Seventh Doctor and Mel want time out. The hedonistic alien Navarinos want to catch some vintage rock and roll, and two CIA agents want to know what happened to their country's missing satellite.

When the beautiful Chimeron princess Delta shows up on the scene, the murderous Bannermen soon follow in hot pursuit. The stage is set for a fiery showdown that will decide the fate of an entire civilisation.

Delta and the Bannermen was the third story in the twenty-fourth season of Doctor Who. It was the first serial since Planet of Giants to utilise a three-part format, and was the first to do so intentionally. Following Delta, the three-parter would become a standard feature of the McCoy era.

While under the working title Flight of the Chimeron, it was originally scripted that Mel should leave at the end of this story; she was to be replaced by a character called Ace. Ultimately Langford chose to stay and Ace's character became Ray. The name Ace was used for a companion who joined in the following story, Dragonfire.

To join in and have your say on this classic Seventh Doctor story, come on over to The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

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