Sunday, 25 September 2011

Join The Infinite Quest - The Mark Of The Rani

This week we pay just our second visit so far to The Sixth Doctor and see the first appearance of The Rani in 1985s The Mark Of The Rani.

In 19th century England, the Doctor finds himself facing two competing enemies: his old adversary, the Master, and the Rani, another Time Lord with a sinister plan. The local population is turning violent and unpredictable and with a major meeting of the brains of the Industrial Revolution due to happen in the village soon, the Doctor must work out what exactly is causing all the problems. Only the Doctor can stop both the Master and the Rani's evil plans.

The Mark of the Rani was the third story of Season 22 of Doctor Who. A new Time Lord villain, the Rani, was introduced in this serial. 

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