Monday, 19 September 2011

Ten Closing Time Quotes

The good guys over at CultBox have compiled ten not too spoilery quotes that you can expect to hear in this weeks episode of Doctor Who, Closing Time.

Closing Time will mark the return of Craig and Sophie from 2010's The Lodger as well as appearances from the Cybermen and the Cybermats.
  • 'You don't need to number food.' 
  • 'What are you not telling me? 
  • 'I've had some wonderful feedback.' 
  • 'You always survive.' 
  • 'Metal rat, real mouth.' 
  • 'I am so old.' 
  • 'You can't help who your mates are.' 
  • 'I always knew I'd die asking.' 
  • 'Well, well, well. You have been busy.' 
  • 'You have failed, Doctor.'
Check out a trailer for the episode below.

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