Monday, 19 September 2011

Ratings Update

Saturday nights premier of The God Complex finished the day third overall across all channels bringing in 5.2m overnight viewers. The episode, which saw a dip from last weeks overnights should see a significant rise and continue this years trend once timeshifted viewing has been taken into account. The episode also scored an AI of 86, considered excellent.

The final ratings for last weeks The Girl Who Waited have come in at a very impressive 7.6 million viewers, with 1.6m of those timeshifting to watch after the initial broadcast via iPlayer and other means.

Meanwhile Torchwood: Miracle Day episode 9 brought in a healthy 4.63 million viewers with timeshift taken into account.

For more on how the shows are performing this year, check out the ratings threads at The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

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