Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas Confidential Cancelled?

Despite the fact that we were promised one final Confidential to accompany this years Christmas Special, The Sun are reporting that the BBC have decided to scrap it, despite it already being made and paid for.
Series producer Gillane Seaborne claims "The biggest regret is the episode of Confidential we've filmed for this year's Doctor Who Christmas special which now won't be shown, So I guess in the fine traditions of Doctor Who, we now have our very own missing episode."

Industry experts put the cost of an episode of the show, which was presented by Alastair Sooke, at around £50,000 but possibly more.
Will be a shame if this is true? What do you think? Since its already been made should they just air it anyway or would you rather just see it as an extra on the DVD?

Thanks to Peri-Peri for the heads up.

For more information, go to The Doctor In The TARDIS Forum

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