Sunday, 27 November 2011


Sometimes it can be hard to be a fan of something brilliant.

Fandom in general, especially when it comes to a show that people get as passionate about as Doctor Who, can often come surrounded by negativity. A show like Doctor Who, with it's many incarnations and variations, means that most fans feel very differently from each other about what is right and good for the show. Who really is the best Doctor? Who has written the best stories? What really is the best direction for the show to take? These and a thousand other questions have kept fans debating since the show began nearly 50 years ago. The thing is, none of these questions has a definative answer. The best we can do is choose our own favourites and respect others for theirs, because more often than not we as fans will disagree about these things.

Between the forum and our Twitter feed we get to listen to a lot of different opinions about the show and its direction and now seems like a time when fandom is as split as it ever has been. Perhaps Matt Smith is the worst Doctor who ever graced our screens. In your opinion. Perhaps River Song is the worst character ever introduced to a show ever. In your opinion. Maybe you love Amy so much that the thought of her departure makes you want to tear your hair out. It's YOUR opinion. And totally your right to feel that way.

It's a shame that all too often people seem determined to tell you that your opinion is wrong and theirs is the right one. The number of people I have seen mention that they feel uncomfortable talking about the show or what they like is such a shame to see. The beauty of this show is that it has such a deep, rich history that there is stuff in there for everybody to like and just because not everyones opinions match, it doesn't make any of us any less of a 'fan'.

Over on the forum we have always strived to have a place that is open to all fans regardless of what they like (or dislike) and where people can chat freely without being told that their opinions are wrong. There is a (and we must stress this word) 'small' section of fandom who feel the need to take aim at people because of their views on things. This isn't restricted to Doctor Who fandom, and certainly isn't limited to fandom in general, but it's a shame that when it comes to Doctor Who, it seems to be this section of fandom that gains the most attention. Those that shout the loudest, as they say...

Regardless of what you like, fans of this show all have one huge thing in common. Doctor Who. Whether you started watching it yesterday or haven't liked an episode since Jon Pertwee was strolling around in his velvet dinner jacket, the show and it's potential is what keeps bringing us back and debating. We won't always agree and we won't always like the same things, but the greatest strength of this show is it's ability to change, evolve and regenerate and what you don't like today might just be your favourite aspect to the show tomorrow. In the meantime all we can do is be respectful of each others opinions and hope that others are respectful of ours.

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  1. Finally someone talking sense. So tired of seeing people on twitter bickering because they disagree about things in the show. Surely it would make more sense to chat about the things they like in common. I had a nasty experience with a Tennant fangirl who insists on talking down anyone who likes anything to do with the show that doesn't have his involvement and so proceeds to treat people like crap to get her point accross. It's so frustrating and for outsiders looking in it must be so offputting.