Monday, 5 July 2010

The Big Bang Official Ratings

*EDIT* The official figures have finally come in. The Big Bang got 6.7million viewers. A great success for Matts first series.

For the second week running, Barb has made erros with their production of veiwer ratings for the BBC. Last week for The Pandorica Opens they released only the HD figure, and we had to wait a further four days for the rest.

This week however, they have released all the consolidated figures EXCEPT for the hd figure.

So onto the ratings so far. Without HD included, The Big Bang so far has an official rating of 6.58 million. Thats an increase of 1.48 million on overnights, though we need to emphasise that this figure will be even bigger as soon as the HD figures come through.

Are you happy with these figures?

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