Monday, 5 July 2010

Has Beth Willis Been Asked To Resign?

It's no secret that the turnaround of staff on Doctor Who has gone into overdrive in the last few weeks. As we have reported previously, The costime designer, producer, executive producer and several directors wont be returning for the next series, but now rumours have started circulating that Beth Willis, right hand (wo)man to Steven Moffat has been sacked.

Beth, who only joined the series at the beginning of production on series 5, has apparantly been sacked/asked to leave by the BBC with immediate effect.

Many rumours are circulating as to the reasons behind her possible departure, with main theorists speculating that she was used as a scape goat for many bad desicions undertaken during production, including the disliked redesigned Daleks, budgetary problems, difficulties with the new TARDIS interior and a slight drop in ratings. Many have specualted that she was easiest to pin the blame on, and so was asked to resign.

The other rumour regards the overseas filming of Vincent and the Doctor and Vampires of Venice. According to some sources, Beth employed her boyfriend during the production of this block, then stayed on in Croatia for a weeks holiday once filming had wrapped, at the expense of the BBC. If this is to be believed, the BBC then fired her upon finding out.

It is still unknown if any of this is true, but if it is, regardless of the reasons behind it, it is fairly certain that the truth will be whitewashed and she will be wished well by everyone involved, but as soon as we know the truth, we will let you know.


  1. Interesting.

    Well, I think regarding ratings, Aunty Beeb should shut the F*ck up as even if it was bad (and some were!) we'd still tune in.
    We just didn't know WHEN to tune in as it was a scheduling ping pong ball this series.
    I personally V+'d the series & watched later in the evening.

    Sounds like a lot of knee jerk reactions there, but for me, the worst complaint is that a large chunk of this series felt like an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures - dumbed down & aimed at 5 year olds.
    They seem to have lost the point that Doctor Who is not a CBBC kids show, it's a Saturday evening FAMILY show.
    Big difference.
    Director wise, keep the dude who did the finale - Toby thingmy - and bring back Euros, Harper etc.
    One key thing to never, EVER do is allow Helen Raynor near this show again.

  2. Well Toby Haines will be back for the Christmas special, so thats covered.

    I think the shows problem this year was, as you said, the bad scheduling. But that aside, the hottest weather in two years, the football, and the tennis all factored into it and to pin it on Beth as a scapegoat is just unfair.

    If the rumours prove to be true and she has left for whatever reason, we will no doubt be told it was her own choice.

  3. You cant blame ping-pong schedules for the problems..

    FFS, the change was like 5 mins and any DW fan would know that the times change on BBC.

  4. Both the BBC Press Release for the next Christmas Special and Steven Moffat in DWM state Beth Willis is still an Exec Producer on the show.