Friday, 30 July 2010

Moffat Penning 5 Series 6 scripts

With the news that the BBC want more episodes of Sherlock next year, it was a worry of some that it would affect the ammount of time and work that Steven Moffat would be putting into the new series of Doctor Who. But worry not, people.

In a recent interview with Den Of Geek, Moffat was asked if the increased Sherlock workload would mean he is doing less work with Who, and he had this to say:

"I’m doing the Christmas special plus five[for series 6], so it’s the same. Six again. I’m basically following what Russell did. Having worked out the sums and worked out how he does it, I thought that’s a perfect way of doing it."

Some had speculated that with the ammount of potential scriptwriters for the upcoming series, Moffat would take a decreased workload, but it seems his imput will remain the same for the next year.

In other news, Neil Gaiman has revealed that he has submitted the SEVENTH version of his script to the BBC, via his Twitter.

So are you happy with so much Moffat input in the next series? Let us know below.

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