Friday, 30 July 2010

Ultimate Companion Wave 7

There wasnt much in the way of competition in our latest poll. The Seventh Doctor ran a bit low on companions, and the majority of people who left comments about the poll on Twitter seemed to think it was going to be a one horse race. Sometimes though, the results can surprise.

Unfortunately, this wasnt one of them. Mel recieved only 11% of the total votes. Which means going through to the Ultimate Companion Poll, is Ace, who recieved 89% of the vote.

Ace met the Doctor in 1987's Dragonfire after being caught in a time storm and transported to Iceworld. She stayed with the Doctor onscreen for two years and was last seen in the final serial of the classic series, 1989's Survival.

Are you happy with the results? Let us know in the usual places.

Now, due to Eight having only one companion, his poll will be merged with the Ninth Doctor, to find the favourite companion of them both

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