Monday, 12 July 2010

The Moffat Poll

We polled our amazing readers on whether Steven Moffat had lived up to their expectations as showrunner of Doctor Who, and we now have the official results in.

57% of you voters agreed that Moffat has done a tremendous job with the show. Comments on our Twitter page ranged from saying he has 'added a level of brilliance' to 'he has taken the show to highs that RTD only dreamed about'.

18% of you said that although Moffat had done a good job, you were expecting better than what we were given, with the main gripe being that people thought he was trying to hard to be clever and missing the smaller plot and character moments that make the show special.

A quarter of all voters though think that Moffat has shown he isnt up for the job and have been dissapointed by his vision. Of the 25% who voted this way, many thought that Moffat had chosen a bad cast, picked dreadful stories and made the show look a lot cheaper.

So there we have it. Though there have been criticisms, the majority of voters are happy with what Steven Moffat has done and where he is taking the show.


  1. I wasn't even a huge fan of Moffat before he got the top job (while I love the Empty Child I felt Blink is vastly overrated) but I've loved what he's done with the show. I've enjoyed this season immensely and much more so than Davies' tenure.

  2. Roughly half is not a majority!
    I am so so disappointed by the mediocrity of series 5. Sorry. Steven Moffat has proved to me that it was the combination of he and RTD and others that has worked this far, NOT him as head writer. And I am sick of the trend now among fans of bashing RTD when we wouldn't even have the show back without him.

  3. "Roughly half is not a majority!"
    Actually, it is. Majority just means more than half. 57% thought he did a tremendous job. That's more than half. Especially if you add in the 18% that said he did a good job; 75% is definitely a majority.