Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Christmas Poll

With filming of the Christmas episode well underway, we asked all of you to vote for your favourite of the bunch and now a little later than usual, well, 24 hours late to be exact, we have the results for you.

In last place stands The Next Doctor, gaining just 3% of your votes. The fourth of the christmas specials, The Next Doctor which was shown in 2008, was set in Victorian London and saw the return of the Cybermen.

Fourth place goes to Voyage Of The Damned which got 5% of your votes. Set on the Starship Titanic and featuring a guest spot by Kylie Minogue, the episode got over 13 million viewers when shown in 2007.

The End Of Time came in third place with 13%. The tenth Doctors last story saw the return of all his previous companions along with The Master, Gallifrey and the Time Lords.

Coming a close second, The Runaway Bride managed to pick up 35% of your votes. Featuring the first appearance of Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, The Runaway Bride was screened on Christmas Day 2006.

And so, topping our poll with 44% of the votes is The Christmas Invasion. The first full episode to feature David Tennant as the Doctor, the Christmas invasion saw the Doctor recovering from his regeneration while the earth comes under threat of the Sycorax. It was watched by nearly 10 million people at Christmas 2005.


  1. Totally correct results =D Hurray! =D

  2. Personally The Next Doctor is my favorite and Voyage of the Damned needs to be erased from my memory for being so godawful.