Wednesday, 14 July 2010

The Torchwood Casting Call Sheet

For about three days now a rumour about a Torchwood casting call has been doing the rounds. Lots of people have messaged me via Twitter about it and lots of people have been posting messages about it with excitement and horror. I wasn't going to even mention it, but since so many people have asked about it, I thought it should be touched upon. Basically the descriprion of what they want for the show is as follows:

Rex Matheson is a twenty-something CIA agent who is an arrogant thrill seeker. In addition, the show is casting for two recurring roles: Esther Katusi and Oswald Jones. Esther is a new Watch Analyst for the CIA who is secretly in love with Rex. Oswald is a new villain, a forty-something murderer and pedophile.

Fear not though, the casting call is a fake and these are NOT characters that the Torchwood team are looking to cast for the show. A similar 'leak' with different character names was released by a magazine as an April Fools joke earlier this year and it seems the information has been twisted and added to to make this rumour, only with it not being April, more and more people seem to have been taken in by it.

As always, when the real information comes in we will keep you informed, but for now discard this rumour and shout loudly at anyone you meet who believes it to be real while looking at them in horror.


  1. Kinda relieved with that...

  2. Have we had official confirmation that its fake? Because we've not had any confirmation either way actually. Unless you count posting it earlier today, but then it would make it real.

  3. If you google around for a US remake of the British TV show Shameless, you'll find quite the similar casting call sheet for that.

    If I had the link I would post it but my browser crashed before I could bookmark it.

  4. It started out as an April Fools joke. I will try to find a link to it. A couple of the words and names are changed, but otherwise its pretty much identical. Also, as the the other poster said, it is also very similar to the Shameless one, which is also considered fake by many.