Sunday, 4 July 2010

Moffat Speaks Out About Series 6

Between last weeks Doctor Who: Confidential episode and a recent interview with Digital Spy, Steven Moffat has slowly been revealing small snippets of information about whats going on with series 6.

This months Doctor Who Magazine revealed how an error on the showrunners computer meant that he lost the script for the Christmas special and had to try and rewrite it from memory in time for shooting to start in a fortnight. That is surely keeping him busy and may explain why shooting has been delayed by a few days as we reported previously.

But what of series 6 we hear you cry. Well for starters, The Moff man has told Doctor Who Confidential that two of the big story mysteries of series 5 will be resolved next year.

"What is that, who is that, who are the silence, what's coming?" teased Moffat. "The whole point of the silence is next series. Also, River Song... who is she really? That's what we're going to find out next year," he said.

Also, in an interview with Digital Spy, Steven Moffat has revealed just how far into planning series six he is. "Not far enough, I think is the answer to that! I've got lots of plans - plans are not nearly as useful as scripts, I find, so I'd like to have more scripts and fewer plans. We're not quite as ahead of the game as we were last time. But it's fine."

It has also been revealed that 'the voice' in the TARDIS will play a part in the christmas special, and still has some control over our favourite police box.

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