Friday, 9 July 2010

The Multi Doctor Story Poll Results

In what has probably been our most one sided poll to date, the results are now in to find out whether you would like to see the productuon team make a multi Doctor story for the 50th anniversary of the show in 2013.

61% of you voted that you would love to see lots of Doctors in action. It seems regardless of who they may choose to make a return, you would be happy to have more than one Doctor running around waving his Sonic Screwdriver.

2% of you on the other hand thought that having a multi Doctor story should be a no no. The comments we recieved on Twitter mainly stated that they felt the show should move forward and not retread old ground (The Five Doctors, The Three Doctors etc).

Just to even it out, 37% of you said you would be happy to see a multi Doctor story, but it would depend heavily on which Doctors would make an appearance. According to our Twitter followers, the most popular choices would be Eight, Ten, Nine and Eleven, though votes for nearly all the doctors were mentioned.

So there we have it. Is this the outcome you expected? Let us know.

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