Saturday, 17 July 2010

The Proof Is In The Pond Poll

So continuing our series 5 character polls, for the last 24 hours you have been voting and voicing your opinions on Amy Pond. Just like her, we will get straight to the point and tell you what's what.

60% of you voted to say that you thought Amy was absolutely brilliant. When we asked people for their thoughts on Twitter, they said they liked her brassy nature and the way she stand up to the Doctor and for herself. Many also said she was a breath of fresh air in the TARDIS after a few very similar companions (though we dont think they were all that similar).

21% of people voted to say they think she is awful. When asked, people said they disliked her attitude, fell she is badly acted and dreadfully written. Her treatment of Rory seemed to also put a lot of people off her.

19% of voters said they thought that she is ok, but werent fussed either way. Many of the people asked said that although they liked her character, she did lots of stuff to put them off, like coming onto the Doctor and having a bad attitude, though she often redeemed herself with selfless acts.

And so another poll is over. Did we get the results you were expecting? Let us know


  1. doctor who is an cool show

  2. I think Amy is the best travelling companion for the Doctor since the new modern series returned. Karen Gillan is the perfect lass.

  3. She is one of the worest ever but still you can't get much worse than Rory or the 11th doctor