Monday, 9 August 2010

Hornet's Nest Box Set

Hornet's Nest, the five part original audio drama, released last year and featuring the Fourth Doctor, is being released in a nifty little box set from next month.

The set, which comprises of five stories marks the return of Tom Baker to the role of the Fourth Doctor for the first time since Dimensions in Time in 1993 and his first serious reprisal of the role since Logopolis in 1981. The success of the audios spurred a new five part series featuring the Fourth Doctor which is due for release from September.

The five stories in the set are:

The Stuff of Nightmares
The Dead Shoes
The Circus of Doom
A Sting in the Tale
Hive of Horror

The boxset will be available from September 2nd with an RRP of £50.00, but if you pre-order from the BBC shop you can get it at the discounted price of £35.00

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