Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Adventures Novels Re-releases

I wasn't going to give this a mention, but after a conversation last night with @xGallifreyGirlx and @Heart_of_Tardis, it seems that there could be a fair bit of interest, so this morning's first article is about the re-release of 6 Virgin New Adventures novels.

The six novels, all penned by Kate Orman, will be reissued for a limited time only from February 2011, in the hope of bringing the classic series to a whole new generation of fans. The books slated for release are

Return Of The Living Dad
Set Piece
So Vile A Sin
The Left Handed Hummingbird
The Room With No Doors

It is expected that if the re-releases sell well, that other books will follow later in the year, so it's important we all go out and buy copies. Amazon are already listing the books for pre-order, so make sure you pick up your copies

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