Friday, 6 August 2010

New Book - The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith

We know there are millions of Matt Smith lovers out there in the world, so you will all be pleased to know that the BBC are dedicating an entire book pretty much just to him. The book, which is just 64 pages long, follows his winning of the role and covers his first year as the Time Lord. Sort of like a mini biography, only not.

"Who is the Eleventh Doctor? How did he get the part? And what’s it like stepping into some of the biggest shoes on television? Find out all about Matt Smith’s first year as the Doctor, with exclusive interviews about life in the TARDIS, his adventures, co-stars and behind the scenes, as well as all the essential facts about Matt himself! Packed with gorgeous pictures and fascinating facts, as well as a pull-out poster of Matt for your bedroom wall!"

The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith, is available from October 7th with an RRP of £6.99

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