Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Nintendo Games Update

After I posted yesterday about the game releases and names, I have finally found some more information, so here we go.

The games will have different names, but they will be totally different games, as apposed to the same plot as first thoguht. The DS game, Evacuation Earth has the following full synopsis:
The Doctor and Amy arrive at the Lake District to watch the humans leave the planet. Suddenly the TARDIS gets lifted from them and bolted onto the evacuation ship. They have to make their way onto the ship before it leaves.

As the ship launches it has technical problems and they realise the Silurians have built a ship underneath. The Doctor finds a solution to make the ship work.

Suddenly the Dalek ship smashes into the human one and splits the Silurian half off. It’s the Dalek ship that chased the Time Axis into the sun – they weren’t destroyed, they actually made a random jump several hundred years into the past.

The Daleks are pleased that they can exact revenge on the Doctor but first they make him fix their ship. The Doctor goes along with their plan but tricks them into bolting the TARDIS onto their ship, which he promptly jumps into and uses to fling them into the nearest black hole.

The synopsis posted in yesterdays article HERE is the one for the Wii game.

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