Sunday, 8 August 2010

Rhys To Take Major Role In Series 4

It's a very Torchwood heavy day today, but the news is coming in thick and fast about what to expect from Series 4. This time, the focus is on Rhys, who it seems will be playing a major part in the new series, which is sure to delight many fans. RTD had this to say.

"Gwen, who is the lead woman of the series, has a lovely husband called Rhys, played by Kai Owen, and now a baby between the two of them, so the sight of Gwen Cooper with baby in one arm and gun in the other is going to be our poster, I hope, because that's just going to be irresistible. I can't imagine Gwen without him, and so he's back. He's a very big part of events. By the time this starts, it will have been off air for two years, I think. We're taking a brand-new audience into consideration. Rhys is now ahead of the game, as it were. There are no secrets. They're a team. It's a really lovely thing to write in a storyline is a husband-and-wife team who love each other. They have fun with each other. It's kind of sexy. It's kind of sexy in a really unusual way. So I love that coupling. He's right up there with the team."

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