Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Series 1 Villains Poll

With the end of this poll, comes the end of this series of villains polls and my oh my has it been interesting. This poll, unlike any other we have had, has more or less had one outright winner right from the start, but if you dont know who that is already, then here are the results:

0% of the votes went to The Jagrafess
1% of the votes went to Henry Van Staten
2% of the votes went to The Nestene/Autons
3% of the votes went to The Slitheen
5% of the votes went to The Editor
6% of the votes went to The Gelth
9% of the votes went to Cassandra
17% of the votes went to The Daleks

But running away with this one, taking 57% of the votes with him, is The Empty Child.

When Captain Jack plants a Chula Warship in war torn Britain, the nanogenes being carried onboard infected a dying, gas mask wearing child called jamie in an attempt to 'repair' him. However, when the repair went wrong he ended up bound to the gas mask and with the abilities of the Chula. In his search for his mummy, the Chula infection started to spread and it was up to the Doctor, Rose and Jack to get to the bottom of the problem and return the infected people to normal.

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