Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Cumberbatch Would Turn Down 'Who' Role

Well, well, well. After Benedict Cumberbatch decided to tell several media outlets last month that he was offered the role of the Doctor, it now seems like he has decided to deny that he ever did, and even seems to make comments suggesting he is above playing such roles.

After his revelation in July, Steven Moffat even spoke out to deny the rumours and reittirate the fact that Matt Smith was the only person he wanted in the role.

Speaking to the Sunday Times this week, Cumberbatch retracted his statement and said that he had in fact never been offered the role, and in what seems like very bitter sentiment, added:
"I'd turn it down anyway. Jumping onto school stages and saying, 'I am the Doctor', it's not where I want to go."

Ooh get him!

Well if playing the Doctor is below him, its a good job we don't want him as the Doctor. He has also previously stated that should he appear on the show, he would expect a large recurring part, as anything else would be a step down after being the lead in his own show. It seems like someone is getting too big for his boots!

What do you think of his comments? Let us know below.


  1. If Cumberbatch is offered any parts in DW, his agent should force him to take a small one and teach him some humility

  2. Really, I do sense jealousy in all this bashing of Benedict Cumberbatch. How he wants to develop his acting career is up to him; its not for us to pass judgement on what kind of role he should or should not have.

  3. I wouldnt say jealousy is the right word really. His career choices are totally his own, and his acting prowess hasnt been mentioned or called into question, but for him to act as though he is too good to take a role on Doctor Who, and that going around to schools, as Matt and Karen have done this year is terribly patronising. With the amount of people who have sent messages via twitter stating their anger at his comments, I would say that that is the general feeling of most people right now. Whether it is jealousy, I could only possibly answer for myself, but for me personally its a dislike for his arrogance rather than being jealous of him.

  4. I understand him but the way he said was a little arrogant

  5. It would be for the best if Cumberbatch never said anything ever again as it seems he can't open his mouth without sounding like a petulant spoilt child. That he can only talk about the role in a derisive way makes me grateful he'd never accept it.