Monday, 16 August 2010

The Series 2 Villains Poll

Another day of voting is done and dusted and unlike our previous poll, the results of this one have been spread a little more evenly. Here are the results for the Best Villain of Series 2.

Chloe Webber - 1%
The Abzorbaloff - 2%
The Krilitanes - 2%
The Wire - 2%
The Werewolf - 8%
The Beast - 9%
Cassandra - 10%
The Sycorax - 13%
The Daleks - 14%
The Clockwork Androids 19%

Winning this round though is The Cybermen, who scuttled off with 20% of the votes.

Since their first appearance in 1966, the Cybermen have been one of the Doctor's biggest foes. Their latest appearance, in decapitated form in 2010's The Pandorica Opens, has been voted one of the scariest Doctor Who moments of all time.

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