Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Awards Results

The results are in for the First Annual Doctor In The TARDIS Doctor Who Awards 2010 (still love that title) and we have them right here for you.

Best Audio goes to... I, Davros

Best Book goes to... The Writer's Tale

Best Spinoff goes to... Torchwood

Best Story (Classic) goes to... Genesis of the Daleks

Best Story (New) goes to... Human Nature/Family of Blood

Best Villain goes to... The Master

Best Recurring Character goes to... River Song

Best Companion (Classic) goes to... Sarah Jane Smith

Best Doctor (Classic) goes to... Tom Baker as The Fourth Doctor

Best Companion (New) goes to... Donna Noble

Best Doctor (New) goes to Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor

To find out even more about this year's awards, including the second and third places in each catagory, join us over on the forum by clicking THIS LINK

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