Thursday, 16 September 2010

Doctor Who Breaks More World Records

It seems there is no stopping Doctor Who from going from strength to strength. In its newest publication, the Guinness Book of Records is dedicating an entire section just to Doctor Who, in recognition of all the records it holds. The newest of which is for Matt Smith who holds the record for being the youngest ever Doctor.
Smith, who made his debut as the Time Lord last year, was just 26 when he filmed his first scenes, three years younger than Peter Davison. And the show has extended its own record for a lengthy run, after notching up 769 episodes up to June of this year, made up of 212 storylines plus a TV movie.

The last time book bosses included the category, the show had run to 709 episodes and 173 stories. This year, publishers have included a whole section dedicated to Doctor Who records.

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