Thursday, 2 September 2010

Carnival Of Monsters: The Sequel

SFX has confirmed that the Doctor Who Live Tour will act as a sort of sequel to the Third Doctor serial, Carnival Of Monsters from 1973.

Will Brenton, who is directing the tour, had this to say:
“When I first came aboard this project, it was a project very akin to the Prom offering and what I thought we needed to do was bring this space alive a lot more, by making it a narrative that takes place in real time, in that Arena at that moment. Which is what we’ve done.

“So we’ve created a brand new Doctor Who character – called Vorgenson, but it is a character who grows out of previous Doctor Who story, called ‘Carnival Of Monsters’. All of its genealogy grows out of that episode. And the fans who spotted that reference will enjoy how it happens. It’s taken what happened in that episode and moved it on, and updated it and had some fun with it as well.

“And that’s the kind of collaboration that we’ve been having. I sat down with Steven and said, ‘I’ve got this Jurassic Park kind of feel, with a character who’s reeling out these characters,’ and he immediately said, ‘Well, ‘Carnival Of Monsters’! Let’s let it grow out of that.’”

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