Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Death Of Amy Pond

Some tabloids have run with a story that Amy will die at the end of the first half of series 6, and so for the last 24 hours we have been asking you whether you think this should happen. This is how you voted:

30% of you said that if the story demands the death of the character, then the makers shouldnt hold back in making it happen.

70% of you however think that killing her off is a bad move. Many people said via Twitter that if the character is to leave then fine, but they should not kill her off as a means to an exit.

What are your feelings on the subject? Comment below and let us know


  1. If they hadn't "killed" Rory as they did, I'd be more open to an arc that involved "killing" Amy. But come on, how cheesy would killing Amy be NOW?

  2. Unless she is going to come back as like, a super zombie, Amy should not die. She's too great of a character.