Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Future of Rory

With news that Amy might be leaving in the middle of series 6, where does that leave our beloved Rory? Well, we have no clue, but just for fun we have been asking you to vote and tell us if his place in the TARDIS should be safe without Amy.

11% of the people who voted said that they think without Amy, Rory should leave the TARDIS team as he is only there because of her.

26% of the people said that they think that Rory should stay regardless of whether Amy is killed off, and think that him carrying on travelling with the Doctor is a good way to honour her memory.

63% however are undecided and voted to say that the circumstances in which Amy may die, and Rory's story at the time should all play a part in whether him staying in the TARDIS would be a good thing.

Do you agree with todays results? Let us know by commenting below.

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