Saturday, 18 September 2010

Who-Athon 2: The End Of The World - TONIGHT!!!

Tonight is the night to grab yourself some junk food, a bottle of vino and curl up on the sofa to join in with our latest forum Who-athon. We will be collectively watching Series 1 Episode 2, The End of the World.

The last one, where 'Rose' was the episode of choice attracted lots of attention, with over 200 posts in 40 minutes. We want to make the next one even bigger and better so make sure you join in and watch along. And if you havent already signed up then dont delay, do it today

The watchathon is set for 8pm GMT, 3pm EST and 12pm DST. For more information check out the dedicated thread in the forum, or send a message via Twitter to either myself or @Blue_Rose_

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