Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Doctor In The TARDIS Needs YOU!!!

As many of you know, about 5 weeks ago we opened a new forum as an extension to this news site. Many of you have already signed up and although still relatively small, the site just keeps growing. Because of this we are looking for a new moderator to join the team to help us behind the scenes with the goings on and general running of the forum. This is where you come in! We want one of you to take up the position.

As most of the current team over there will tell you, moderating on the site isnt very hard work but you get to keep a watchful eye over the forum and you also get to read and post lots about Doctor Who, which is never bad, is it?

The opportunity is open to everyone and anyone who wants the role will be considered. It doesnt matter if you have been posting there for a day, since we opened or are signing up specifically for the opportunity. Everyone will be considered by the team.

We have certain criteria that we are looking for in the new recruit, but no previous experience is needed. Just the willingness to work as part of a team and join in with the forum antics. The new moderator will then be chosen by the current team, some of whom I'm sure are open to cash bribes.

If you want the (unpaid, yet very rewarding) job, then send me a PM to me via the forum with a reason why you think you would be a good mod on The Doctor In The TARDIS. The new moderator will then be announced on Saturday October 23rd.
You can find the site by CLICKING HERE

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  1. Hello,

    I would be interested in working with you on your production. I have 7 years of acting experience and have worked in Theatre, Film and Voice overs. links to my sites are listed below

    Thank you for your time
    Ashley M. Kalfas