Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Torchwood Cast To Be Revealed Soon?

It has been a while since anything new relating to Torchwood has come in, but news has reached me today that the actors who have taken parts in the newest series of Torchwood, titled The New World, will be revealed in the last week of October.

Casting is currently underway on the show in America, with the production team currently in the middle of call backs with their favourite actors so far.

Russell T Davies is apparantly keen to cast unknown or little known actors in the roles, though there has been previous rumours that Summer Glau, who has previously starred in Firefly and The Sarah Connor Chronicles has bagged a supporting role.

We will update when we know more.


  1. bull, she has a new show on NBC, 'The Cape'. in which she's a series regular, and the show is targeted for midseason, so NO. that's pretty much a rumor.

  2. That doesn't mean she can't do more than one show. As long as filming does not conflict I don't she why this couldn't happen.

  3. my point exactly. we know torchwood starts filming in January, and her show starts around the same date, so i'd be impossible not to conflict.

  4. Ugh...she's hardly an unknown or little known actress. This show is going to be so unoriginal.