Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Night At The Live Tour - Review

As some of you may know, last night I finally got to attend the Doctor Who Live Tour. I cant begin to tell you how amazing it was. I will start by saying however, that I just spent half hour writing all about how amazing it was but then my computer crashed, so this is more of an abridged version.

Seeing all those Doctor Who villains up close was superb and long time dream of mine, and luckily we had absolutely amazing seats. I have to admit when I heard that lesser knowns like the Scarecrows and Clockwork Droids were going to be there I wasnt that excited, but seeing them up close was brilliant and worked so well. The Scarecrows particularly were very creepy but were also raised a few laughs as they chased audience members around during the interval to get people back to their seats. One kid in particular screamed his lungs out when they chased him.

The orchestra were brilliant and brilliantly conducted and the atmosphere when they were all playing was electric. Listening to the music as the clips played over the screen was brilliant and they accompanied the monsters brilliantly. The acting was on top form also. Nigel Planer was superbly camp as Vogenson and the scenes with Matt Smith were really funny and written so well. It was just a shame he wasnt on stage as part of the show.

The villains themselves were brilliant. Being that close to them after seeing them all on screen for so many years gave a feeling that was indescribable. I was like a 7 year old filled with excitement. When the Judoon came up to us and assimilated us with there alien tech thing it was one of the best moments ever!!!! They are genuinly terrifying up close and being just a few feet away from them was such an amazing experience.

I didnt realise before how much of a fan of the Cybermen I was, but I spent the entire night waiting for them to come out and when they finally did I let out the biggest squee ever. They came marching past us, about 3 feet away and looked superb. The kids in the audience were terrified and I just had this feeling that is so hard to put down in words, but it was like 50 years worth of history was stood in front of me and it was amazing. Such a great exciting and nostalgic feeling seeing them right in front of us. It wasnt like we were watching actors in suits, you just fell right into the story and believed there were really Ood and Cybers and whatnot stood in front of you. It was brilliant.

The Daleks, I have to say, looked fantastic. Completely different to how they appear on screen. They were so big and imposing and they really did take your breath away. I still think they dont translate too brilliantly on screen, but up close and in person in all their different colours they looked so impressive and scary. I totally get what Moffat was thinking now. Its just a shame they dont look so great on the TV because they have the ability to scare you witless.

The insert scenes shown on the big screen were really great. When they went through the regenerations towards the end, the crowd lapped it up and cheered like mad men, but when it got to 9,10 and 11 they raised the roof. Matt had the biggest cheer of all, but Ten was a very close second and you could tell he was still fresh in the minds of so many of them. The tribute to Amy Pond was also brilliant. They chose all the very best scenes and it was so poignant and well put together. The crowd went wild for it.

I cant begin to tell you how exciting the evening was and I was so glad I went. It was brilliant from start to finish and I would go again in a heartbeat. It made me feel like a child again and the atmosphere was superb. The first review I wrote was far better than this and a while lot more detailed, but my laptop crashing zapped the energy out of me to write it all out again, but this covers most of it I think. I also have a few pictures for you all too. They arent that great though. I took about 60, but I only had my iPhone with me and they dont have zoom or flash so I had to make do and most came out blurry. It looks like im quite far away in the pictures, but we were really close to the stage and all the monsters came right past and interacted with us. Though only the Judoon targeted us personally. Ill never forget that! A brilliant experience for everyone.

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